Herbs and Diet Treat Hair Loss

herbs Did you know that some instances of hair loss are triggered and further aggravated by unhealthy dietary habits? Why, treating hair loss, do we habitually choose to use expensive medications, such as Rogaine or Minoxidil, or turn to surgical procedures like hair transplants, without considering natural solutions?

For those who wish there were healthier, less intrusive and less expensive, options, there are some available. It can be as easy as changing menu or applying the help of herbs. 

Certain foods are key ingredients for the proper function of hormones and for nourishing scalp and hair roots. A high protein diet can be very beneficial in promoting the growth of hair, because keratin, a type of protein, is one of its main building elements. Opt for a variety of pasture-fed meat and fowl and be sure to eat a good portion of protein-containing foods at least once a day. Fish, such as deep water tuna, salmon, herring, or sardines, are even better choices because, in addition to being easily digested sources of protein, they also provide essential fatty acids. These are necessary for sustaining hormonal balance and stabilising hair growth. Some nuts and greens, like spinach, sunflower seeds, and walnuts, have shown their positive effect on preventing hair loss and maintaining healthy hair.

Weekly scalp massage is using natural herbal oils or tinctures is another measure that benefits hair. Some herbs, such as sage, aloe vera, rosemary, nettle root,  henna, and others, have been used to treat brittle and shedding hair for many centuries. Their main effect is on stimulating and nourishing hair follicles and on improving scalp’s blood circulation.

Aloe Vera :  has anti-inflammatory, emollient, and nourishing properties and helps to maintain healthy, thick hair. Research shows that the plant contains five naturally occurring agents that work to prevent scalp inflammation. 

Lavender: has strong anti-inflammatory effects and is helpful in treating Androgenetic Alopecia. In addition, lavender imbues hair with enhanced volume and shine. 

Capsicum:  accelerates hair re-growth and increases the blood circulation of the scalp. Capsicum is excellent for treating hair loss conditions that are triggered by a reduced blood and nutrients flow to the scalp.  

Burdock: is helpful for treating scalp irritation, as well as reversing hair thinning caused by alopecia. Also, burdock supplies essential fatty acids and natural phytosterols to hair roots, thus, improving hair shine, strength, and body.

Ginger: is a circulatory agent that helps boost the growing cycle of hair follicles. In addition, it is rich in beneficial oils, which act against hair shaft thinning.  

rosemary Rosemary:  promotes circulation and helps eliminate scalp sebum accumulations and dandruff.

Sage: contains potent astringent and antiseptic components that stimulate growth and condition hair. Sage also adds strength and thickness to hair. 

Christiana Roberts

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Posted on September 28, 2007 
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  1. jasminef fong on September 30th, 2007 10:42 am

    Christiana Roberts

    Cool! Finally there is a nature way to prevent hair loss.

    I am mother of five, my little one is 16 monthes now. Hair loss is an issue to my health due to hormon changes.


    Jasmine Fong

  2. Brenda on November 25th, 2007 2:34 am

    I am so relieved to find there is a natural herbal way to treat hair loss. I am 47 and going through menopause. My hair is falling out at an alarming rate. I have used herbal remedies for other health issues with positive results.

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