Experiment with Homemade Remedies

When you get disappointed with another shampoo, maybe it is time to try a home-made remedy. Some skeptics will say, experiments with hair will make it only worse and can provoke hair loss. However we never think, by changing shampoos we also test our hair, trusting manufacturers. One should think, what is worthy more respect: shampoos designed by scientists or home remedies the result of which has been checked and proven for centuries? Is it better to spend hundreds of dollars on hair cosmetics or wash hair with simple products available to everybody like eggs, lemon juice, olive oil, herbs, vinegar, etc?
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Eggs Take Care of Your Hair

Have you ever considered homemade cosmetics for hair? There were times when big companies did not exist and nobody knew about shampoos; however, people had good looking hair because they used recipes of their mothers and grandmothers who learned about them from their forefathers. Every now and then you can still come across people who use herbs, eggs, milk and other products alike for hair care. Read full “Eggs Take Care of Your Hair”

Common Causes for Women’s Hair Loss

It is believed that hair loss is strictly men’s problem. However, out of all the people that come across this trouble forty percent are women. It is a normal thing to see a balding man, but women have to hide their baldness because female hair loss is not as accepted by the society as male.
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Healthy Food for Strong Hair

When hair looks unhealthy, its ends split and hair brush gets unusually full after every combing, it is time to start working on some improvements. Most often problems with hair occur due to a wrong diet. Four main vitamins and four minerals add up into healthy hair formula.
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Healthy Hair Formula

In order to have healthy strong hair a person should consume certain nutritious products daily. It has been proved that hair depends on the balance of 4 vitamins and 4 minerals in one’s body. What are they?
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