Massage Scalp to Prevent Hair Loss

Massage helps with many problems. Some people think it is a panacea, the cure for all diseases and body problems. It is really unbelievable how much massage can do in various aspects of health. People all over the world created different techniques for physical, functional and psychological purposes. Probably everyone knows that massage relaxes muscle cramps, but its effect on hair growth is a mystery to the majority of people.
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Hair Loss and Exercises

There have been doubtful talks about hair loss and exercises. Does physical activity increase the loss or does it help hair to stay healthy? In this article we will try to look at different points of view.
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Natural Hair Care

Hair situation can tell any specialist about overall health condition, nutrients’ deficiency and the natural solution for hair restoration can easily be found. For example, people with oily hair lack some vitamin B, brittle and dry hair indicates essential fats deficiency, dull hair and slow growth require zinc, and hair loss originates at low vitamin C, B1, iron and lysine. Gray hair cannot be treated because it comes with age and does not indicate any serious health problems.
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Surgical Hair Transplantation

If a person desires to escape hair loss there are different ways to do so and a good specialist usually advises the best treatment for an individual case. Some patients do fine if they just change a diet, start taking more vitamins required for hair growth. The others should overcome certain life conditions like stress, disease, etc. which leaded to hair loss. In some cases drugs do a really good job: after six months with Propecia many men have noticed that their hair was restored and stopped falling out.
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