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Diet Tips for Healthy Hair

Diet Tips for Healthy Hair

Healthy diet is very important for hair growth and development. If the body does not get enough nutrients or is poisoned with the excess of such unhealthy products as alcohol, salt, and tobacco, it will cut the supplies in the least important places like hair and nails.

Marilyn and Harvey Diamond wrote in their bestseller Fit For Life: “When you are cutting back on dairy consumption, you may notice peeling or brittle nails or minor hair loss. . . .Your body is making the adjustment from the absorption of the coarser calcium found in dairy products to the absorption of the finer calcium found in raw nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. . . .The body will replace fingernails and hair in the same way that sloughed-off skin is replaced. It’s difficult to notice, but your skin is regularly sloughing off and being replaced by new, healthier tissue. In the same way, the body will replace lost hair with more lustrous hair, and lost fingernails with stronger, sturdier nails.”

There were other publications which stated the same point. For example, the author of Tibetan Medicine, Ven. Rechung Rinpoche, wrote, “Symptoms of a deficiency of the bones: one’s teeth and hair fall out”. What kind of diet would work best for hair? What should a person eat and what should he or she avoid in order to have healthy hair?

Here are a few general tips which improve overall health of the body and the condition of hair in particular:

•    Keep the intake of salt as low as possible. First of all, most vegetables contain natural sodium and they do not need to be salted. Secondly, studies have shown that excessive intake of salt causes grey hair and hair loss.
•    Limit the amount of sugar. Too much sugar intake raises insulin level. Along with other known troubles, such as high blood pressure and risks of heart problems, big amounts of insulin rob the hair and bones of calcium leading to hair loss and osteoporosis.
•    Stay away from alcohol. Probably an occasional small amount of alcohol is not too bad, but regular drinking leads to a number of health issues. Alcohol increases estrogen level and decreases the level of zinc, both of which affect hair. In addition to this, alcohol directly affects the nutrients in the hair and can cause it to break at roots.
•    Eat a balanced diet, which contains the most important hair nutrients: vitamins A, C, E, and B-complex; iron, zinc, iodine and silica. These nutrients provide healthy hair growth, improve scalp condition, reduce such problems as dandruff, dryness, frizz, and split ends. They make the hair strong, shiny and soft. The diet should include whole grains, nuts, seeds, fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, eggs, and dairy products.
•    Add multi-vitamin supplements. If you feel that your diet does not contain enough nutrients, get one of the many supplements offered in stores.
•    Beware of certain types of fish. While fish is a good source of protein and omega acids, some types of it have dangerous levels of mercury which causes hair loss. Safe types of fish are salmon, sardines, sole, freshwater catfish, tilapia, fair-raised trout, shrimp, clams, scallops, oysters and canned tuna.

It is obvious that the foods necessary to achieve healthy hair condition are the same that provide overall body health and the opposite: those that are harmful for hair are not good for the body either. Eat healthy food, stay healthy and hair loss will be stopped or reduced to minimum.

Alex Jackson

Posted on September 1, 2010 
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