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Top 10 Hair Loss Products

Top 10 Hair Loss Products

It is impossible to prevent hair loss completely, but mankind learned how to slow it down. All hair loss products can be divided to three groups: the treatments based on Minoxidil, products with Finasteride and other treatments which have other active ingredients. Here are the most popular and effective medications that people use to reduce hair thinning and slow down balding process.

  1. Loniten. This is the pill that was used at first. After its side-effect was discovered, the manufacturer started selling it as prescription medication for an effective hair loss treatment. Due to high concentration of Minoxidil, Loniten has such negative side-effects as water and salt retention, increased heart rate, drug interactions, and breathing difficulties. In addition to this, the drug does not only increase hair growth on scalp, but in various undesired places as well.
  2. Rogaine. After some time, Upjohn Corporation has designed topical solution, which contained as little as 2% Minoxidil in it. Later the amounts were adjusted to 5% for men and 25 for women. Being a topical solution only in the areas where it is needed without unexpected hair growth somewhere else. Rogaine is proven to be especially effective at slowing and stopping hair loss in the crown of the head and does not have very good results at receding hairlines.

Posted on September 27, 2010 
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