Hair Loss and Tooth Infection

All the organs in the body are closely connected. Foot massage takes care of the health of inner organs such as heart, liver, and lungs. Skin color and condition can usually say about liver or kidney problems… Some people strongly believe that there is a connection between teeth and hair: they say that a tooth infection might be a reason for a temporary hair loss such as alopecia areata.
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Hair Loss Statistics

Hair loss affects many people in the world. Some feel uncomfortable about losing hair, the others understand that it is common and do not try to hide it. Hair loss affects both men and women of all ages. Sometimes it is temporary and can be treated, but for others it is a permanent event that is unpreventable.
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Ringworm: Its Symptoms and Treament

Tinea is more known to everybody as a ringworm. It is a fungal infection that affects skin. Tinea Capitis is a scalp ringworm and is considered to be the most common hair loss reason in children throughout the world (50% cases).
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Male Pattern Baldness and Norwood Scale

Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss diagnosis in men. It is a permanent type of alopecia (hair loss) which is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition. Millions of men on the planet go bald and if one pays attention, the patterns of their hair loss are typical.
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How Trichologists Diagnose Hair Loss Conditions

hair   If you experience unexplainable hair loss or thinning, you should pay a visit to a professional hair and scalp specialist - a certified trichologist, who will diagnose your hair loss condition and recommend the best ways to treat your problems and grow healthy hair. Examination usually includes the following steps:

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