Coconut Oil for Strong, Shiny Hair


Coconut oil is one of the healthiest and most beneficial natural products known to traditional civilizations. Although for decades it was unfairly demonized by the Western medical establishment and cheap, rancid, highly processed vegetable oils and synthetic hair-care products were pushed onto the market instead, coconut oil is presently making its triumphant comeback. Nowadays, more and more health-conscious Americans prefer to use natural products to benefit from the vast cornucopia of their nourishing, antioxidant, antiviral, cleansing, strengthening, and antimicrobial properties. Extra-virgin coconut oil that comes from traditionally-maintained and still unpolluted tropical areas is one of the most miraculous gifts of nature that can greatly benefit not only your hair but also your entire health and vitality.

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Eight Easy Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a widely spread condition in both men and women, especially those in their middle age. Although there are a number of causes that can trigger hair shedding or balding, many of them are easily identifiable. The most common cause is genetic, and there is really little we can do about it. A number of diseases, such as diabetes, lupus, or syphilis, can bring about massive hair loss. In such a case, alopecia can be improved or reversed by treating the main illness.

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Drugs, Stress, and Other Common Hair Loss Triggers

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The normal hair growth cycle includes several stages: a period of rapid and stable growth lasting up to six years; a three month “resting” period, when the hair stops its growth; and a period when the hair falls out. In the end of the entire cycle, a new hair replaces the old one and the cycle begin again. During the rapid growth phase, the hair grows about one inch longer every two months. However, this healthy life of the hair can often be disrupted due to a number of causes, the most common of which are inadequate nutrition, medications, high levels of stress, hormonal disruptions, and certain diseases.

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Losing Hair? Visit Your Dentist!


According to the research published by the University of Granada, some cases of hair loss can be due to a tooth infection! Sudden and unexplained development of localized alopecia areata, with round or oval bald patches on the head, may simply be caused by dental infection outbreaks and therefore treated at a dentist office. Bad teeth can trigger hair loss in both men and women of any age. The condition is pretty common -  doctors believe that one out of 1000 people can be affected by dentally-induced alopecia areata.

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Male-Pattern Alopecia Can be Caused by Hyperinsulinemia, Researchers Say

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Recently, researches have found that early baldness in men can be caused by a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, known as insulin resistance. Closely involved in the development of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular disease, and other “diseases of civilization”, insulin resistance leads to the condition of hyperinsulinemia and related “sugar metabolism” disorders. Read full “Male-Pattern Alopecia Can be Caused by Hyperinsulinemia, Researchers Say”

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