Diet Tips for Healthy Hair

Healthy diet is very important for hair growth and development. If the body does not get enough nutrients or is poisoned with the excess of such unhealthy products as alcohol, salt, and tobacco, it will cut the supplies in the least important places like hair and nails.
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Tips for Healthy Hair

With proper care it is really easy to have healthy beautiful hair. Anybody knows that regular washing and conditioning together with minimized chemical impact will keep hair in healthy condition, but there are several other tips, which help with such concerns as fragility, dullness, and split ends.
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Protect Your Hair from Sun

The sun brings a lot of damage to hair. It is especially fierce now, in the middle of summer when it is the hottest time of the year and everything melts under the strong impact of the sun rays.
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Baby Hair Care

Babies have even more hair problems than adults do. They might have cradle cap, hair loss, color change and several other imperfections. While some parents prefer just to let it be, saying that a baby will “outgrow” these bad-hair days, others look for a solution and appropriate hair care products.
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Normal Hair Loss

People lose certain amounts of hair daily. It is normal to see some strands on a brush after combing or in shower after washing. Some people lose more hair than others and it still might be all right. It depends on age, hair length and thickness, hormonal changes, overall health, climate, season, and some other factors.
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