Smoking Increases Hair Loss Risks

hair loss Breaking news from ScienceDaily as of November 19, 2007 informed Asian men that their age-related hair loss could be aggravated by smoking. The news was based on the report released by the Archives of Dermatology.

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Hair Loss Remedies in History

hair From the times immemorial, people have struggled to find a cure for hair loss. In this article, we offer an outline of some of the most popular historic hair loss remedies in different regions of the world.

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Simple Home Remedies Fight Hair Loss

healthy hair Some cases of hair loss and hair shedding can be successfully treated by using proper hair care and simple natural remedies, such as herbal and seed extracts, beneficial oils, and home-made masks. These remedies contain hair-friendly vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids and are rather efficient in most cases without producing any side effects that are typical for chemically-based medicines. This article tells about useful plant extracts and natural masks and their roles and effects as natural remedies against hair loss.

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Hair Loss Can be Caused by Iron Deficiency

cast iron pan Iron deficiency, the most prominent manifestation of which is anaemia, is widely spread in the modern world. For our grandparents, dietary iron was an abundant mineral generously supplied by unprocessed water from wells and clean springs, red meats and organ meats from pasture-fed animals, and cast iron cooking pans and other kitchen utensils.

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