Normal Hair Loss

People lose certain amounts of hair daily. It is normal to see some strands on a brush after combing or in shower after washing. Some people lose more hair than others and it still might be all right. It depends on age, hair length and thickness, hormonal changes, overall health, climate, season, and some other factors.
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Hair Loss and Tooth Infection

All the organs in the body are closely connected. Foot massage takes care of the health of inner organs such as heart, liver, and lungs. Skin color and condition can usually say about liver or kidney problems… Some people strongly believe that there is a connection between teeth and hair: they say that a tooth infection might be a reason for a temporary hair loss such as alopecia areata.
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Hair Loss in Afro-Americans

Hair loss in Afro-American people is a little different than in Caucasian. Although it happens equally often for the representatives of both races, it is more noticeable in Caucasian people, so it is easier to recognize the alopecia and treat it on the early stages before the person actually gets bald spots.
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The Connection between Smoking and Hair Loss

Only a century ago smoking was in great favor. For many decades doctors used tobacco in treatment of numerous diseases, royal families believed that nothing could eliminate headaches as well as tobacco, noble people were gathering together to have talks and smoke cigars, and those who could not afford cigars used to chew tobacco which was cheaper. Time went by and now smoking is blamed for almost any trouble of the mankind. Many studies have proven negative aspects of tobacco use: it leads to various forms of cancer, heart and lung problems, coughing, bad breath and even hair loss.
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Hair Loss and Stress

Stress hits every person at least once. Pregnancy and childbirth, death of a close person, serious disease, financial or job problems, family troubles like big arguments or divorce are only few reasons for stress. While for some people it goes away without any damage to their health, the others suffer physical problems one of which is hair loss.

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