Understanding of Hair Loss Genetics Will Help Combat Baldness


Are you worried about hair loss? You may not need to any longer! The University of Bonn team of researchers, working together with the Bonn’s Institute of Human Genetics, has recently announced breaking news on having identified a specific gene involved in hereditary hair loss. The gene responsible for the degeneration of hair follicles can help scientists to find an effective treatment to combat baldness.

Thinning hair was the key interest of the six-month genetic study that examined the condition of Hypotrichosis Simplex - a hereditary disease that causes balding. As a result, the researchers became the first to single out the gene triggering and monitoring an ongoing hair loss involved in the development of Hypotrichosis Simplex. The identified hair loss gene works to prevent some important receptors contained in hair follicles from being fully formed.

Hypotrichosis Simplex is a non-common disease that is currently diagnosed in about 200,000 people in the USA, or 1 person out of every 2,000. The symptoms include abnormally thin and shedding hair, reduced hair growth, and an inability of hair to achieve any substantial length. Although a rare condition, genetically-induced Hypotrichosis Simplex can shed some light on a possibility of regrowing hair and regenerating permanently damaged hair follicles.

Dr Regina Betz, the leading author of the research, commented on this breakthrough finding that the gene triggering hair loss in Hypotrichosis Simplex patients can equip scientists with a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in hair regeneration.

Genetic hair therapy can become a powerful form of hair loss treatment already in the near future, researchers noted. Identification of a receptor involved in hair growth can open a way for curing numerous types of hereditary balding, including a widely spread condition of Alopecia Areata.

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Posted on March 1, 2008 
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