Abnormal Hair Loss

From the beginning of a person’s life, his or her hair grows, rests, and eventually falls out, being replaced by new strands. About 90% of all hair is in the growing phase, which takes between two to six years. Every month, hair grows approximately half an inch. After it reaches certain point, hair goes to resting phase where it prepares to be pushed out by a new strand coming from the same follicle. This period lasts for about two to three months.

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Hair Cosmetics and Hair Loss

Many people use different cosmetics to care about hair or to create their favorite hairstyle. Besides shampoos there are conditioners, balsams, hair sprays, masques, mousses, gels and a great variety of dyes. Many of these products are designed for good purposes, but one needs to remember that not all of them are healthy if applied too often or too much. While high-quality hair cosmetics provide good care, some of them can damage hair strands or lead to temporary hair loss. Read full “Hair Cosmetics and Hair Loss”

Let Us Treat Dandruff

From the time a person is born the old skin dies and flakes off giving room for the new cells to grow. It is absolutely normal to have a small amount of flaking. We don’t usually notice the flakes on arms, backs, legs, but it is more visible on the scalp because hair doesn’t let the dead flakes fall out easily as on the other parts of the body.

Unfortunately it is impossible to cure the flakes completely, but excessive scaling can be controlled and treated by appropriate care.
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Myths about Hair Loss

Dermatologist Zoe D. Draelos says, “Disease, genetic predisposition and even poor cosmetic grooming practices all cause hair loss. Even simple changes in your hair care routine can result in healthier hair.” Millions of people are affected by hair loss and although it doesn’t bring any danger into a person’s life, for many it is emotional stress.
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